Specification 4 Channel Equaliser and Compressor Module KS-6002



2 band, peaking

  Frequency response

Low band




High band


  Control Range







COMPRESSOR Threshold Level -2dB~+10dB continuously variable


Attack time

Approx 2mS


  Release time

Approx 200mS



Approx 2:1






Equaliser Bus Switch



  Compressor indicator

Green:Compressor on/Orange: Gain Reduction

  Compressor link switch

ch1>ch2 link function


ch3>ch4 link function



PERFORMANCE Frequency Response 50Hz~15kHz within ±1.0dB


Signal to Noise Ratio


better than 54dB (22kHz L.P.F/RMS)




better than 67dB (30kHz L.P.F/RMS)

  Distortion (T.H.D)


<0.5% (at +4dBm output 50Hz~15kHz,



10Hz~80KHz Filtered Output )




<0.5% (at 0dBs/50Hz~20kHz,


10Hz~80KHz filtered/50Ω load)




POWER Power is supplied by the KS342 Mixer


  Input Power Approx 140mA (max 200mA) EQ/COMP/ON


Operating Time (Continuous) on batteries connected to the KS 342

    More than 3 Hours (Alkaline Batteries)


More than 6 Hours (NP-1 NiCd)



above times are at 77deg F (25deg C)



PHYSICAL Dimensions

W8.46 x D5.63 x H1.58 inches (W215 x D143 x H40 mm)

  Weight Approx 1.76lbs (800g)